Default values on columns

Oct 13, 2009 at 8:47 AM


My site collection (where I use your sollution) has the following structure:
- "Document Templates Site": site where I saved some libraries with document templates
- "Project sites": one site for every project

On the site collection level I also created some columns (e.g. ProjectNum, CustomerName). When I create a new project site I assign new default values for this columns. Whenever I create a new document on the project site this attributes are automatically assigned to the document. It works fine.

Unfortunatelly it does not work in this way when I create a new document using the templates (your sollution). When I create a new document using templates I get the default values for these columns from the "Document Templates Site". Of course I'd like to have default values from the project site where I create a new document.

What can I do to push project default values instead of "template site default values"?