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Template Library Connector for SharePoint Server 2010

First read the introduction article:

Installation and deployment

  1. Download the .zip file containing the .wsp solution package and install scripts.
  2. Unpack the contents to any location on the SharePoint 2010 server.
  3. Run the install.ps1 Powershell script in the SharePoint Management Console. This will add and deploy the .wsp solution package.


  1. In a site collection* where you want to enable the Template Library Connector, go to Site Actions -> Site settings -> Site collection features, locate the connector and click Activate.
  • Alternatively, you can enable the connector on a site collection with Poweshell: Enable-SPFeature TemplateLibraryConnector -Url http://server/sites/sitename


*In the current version, the connector is activated on a site collection level. When activated, the New Document ribbon button is replaced with a New from Template button in all document libraries in the site collection.


  1. Each document library has its own set of template source document libraries.
  2. In a document library, on the Library ribbon bar, click Library Settings.
  3. Under General Settings, click Template Library Settings.
  4. Select the libraries you want to act as the template source(s) for the current library.
    • A library can have as many source libraries as you need.
    • A template library is just a normal document library where document templates are stored.
    • You edit the templates directly in SharePoint. Changes you make are immediately available in all connected libraries when you save.

This small screen cast demonstrates the configuration:


When the connector is properly configured, users can access the functionality this way:
  1. Open a document library
  2. On the Documents ribbon bar, click the new "New from Template" button. A Modal window appears, showing a list of all templates available
  3. Click on one of the templates. The appropriate Microsoft Office application opens with the template.
  4. When saving the new document, the document library where you started will appear as the default save location
  5. After closing the Office application, the library will be refreshed and the new document shown


Template Library Connector for MOSS2007

See the articles at and for an introduction.

Setup and generic use screen cast:
Content types screen cast:

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Getting error in "Template Library Settings" , after setting source document library and clicked on SAVE button given me an error like page not found(_layouts/listedit.aspx) as the link is not adding the port number , so as we got this error.